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A webinar series of the Hungarian juggling association
Quat Props: Functional Juggling in Education& Therapeutic Rehabilitation

A webinar for all those who are using or want to use the methodologies of Functional Juggling in education or therapeutic rehabilitations. It is for both circus and non-circus audiences and is intended to describe the transformable nature of juggling’s experience with space and time. 


Topics included:

  • Spatial Sequencing Maps 

  • Functional Transformations and applications

  • Industry impacts and societal implications

  • Project history and creator’s background

  • Current projects and how to navigate online resources

  • Getting involved and giving support


This presentation includes a small amount of student participation and five functional objects such as cooking utensils, crayons or markers, hygiene items, technology devices, etc. Juggle Boards are not required for participation in activities, but if you have one available it is always a plus. 


Registration link to join us is open till 17th April 13:00.


Upcoming date:

April 17. 2021. 15:00-17:00 CET (Central European time zone)

Registration is open till 13:00 CET, 17th April 2021.


Participant limit: 90 participants

  • unnamed (2).jpg

    Craig Quat


    Inventor of Functional Juggling, head of Quat Props

  • k2_items_src_2070868436762058083e108006e

    Veronika Gallyas


    Head of Hungarian Juggling Association

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