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Circus is for Everyone

A webinar series of the Hungarian juggling association
Quat Props Introduction to Functional Juggling

A webinarium for all those who are using or want to use juggling in education. Both for circus people and for non-circus audience.

Interactive webinarium describing the basic principles of what Functional Juggling is and how to create it.

- How to create our relationships to Juggling?
- How those relationships effects our states of mind?
- How to improvise and create such interactions with Juggling ourselves.

- The class includes the participation with activities and culminating Q&A session with the presenter and inventor of the discipline, Craig Quat.

Upcoming date:

Novembre 15. 2020

Registration is open till the12nd October 2020. 


Participant limit: 90 participants

Az esemény az Erasmus+ és az NKA támogatásával jön létre.

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